Precautions for Feng Shui in hall decoration

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Home decoration is a problem that must be solved after buying a house. Now many people will spend a lot of money on decoration, but if the feng shui of the decorated house is not good, it will directly affect the wealth, career, emotion and health of the residents. Therefore, when we decorate the house, we should not only consider the beauty and comfort, but also pay attention to the decoration of Feng Shui. For example, the decoration of the hallway is not only the first impression of your house, but also the turning point of your life. Take a look at the precautions of Feng Shui in the decoration of the lobby

I. is Feng Shui important for lobby decoration

the corridor itself, as an area of situation entrance, often has an impact on our entrants' spirits. For example, as a necessary way to introduce air into the room, it often plays a good role in concealment. Therefore, home feng shui has strict requirements for these

when we set up or build, we often need to pay attention to the height of the interval. Generally, if it is too high, it will block the outdoor airflow, and if it is too low, it will not achieve the corresponding effect. Therefore, we need to make the corresponding design according to the reasonable requirements of the house in the design, so that we can only give you a good play to the role of the hallway in the operation, And the aisle itself, as a throat zone, should often be taken seriously. The aisle itself, as an important part of home life, often occupies a particularly important position in access, so we need to treat the work carefully

II. Precautions for Feng Shui in hall decoration

1 Feng Shui taboo in hallway decoration

we also need to pay attention to lighting, especially when there are few natural light sources, which can make our journey better. Especially when we have a relatively large knowledge of Feng Shui in decoration design, it can well reduce the occurrence of those problems in the process of utilization. Therefore, we need to carefully make the corresponding reference, so that these problems can be well solved and corrected

2. The length of the corridor is very important

if the corridor is too short, it is not suitable to install doors, otherwise it is easy to make people feel oppressed, and there are too many doors in a short distance, which is easy to make families have more disputes. Therefore, the height of the corridor should be used to set the number of doors

3. At the end of the corridor is the toilet

if the end of the corridor is the toilet, it is suitable to install a door as a cover, which can not only improve the appearance, but also avoid the foul air of the toilet flowing into the living room

4. Materials for corridor door

the ideal corridor door is that the upper part is glass and the lower part is solid wood, which is both solid and transparent. If you use a full wooden door, it will look old-fashioned; But if you use the full glass door, it will be too transparent and lose the function of Feng Shui

5. The corridor door should always be closed

the corridor door should always be closed, otherwise it will lose its Feng Shui function as if it were in vain. When it comes to interior decoration, the corridor door should be matched with the overall decoration style to form a unified style with the decoration style, which can make the home decoration look more stylish

Xiaobian summary: the above are the Feng Shui precautions for hall decoration brought by Xiaobian. I hope it will help you. Integrating Feng Shui into home design can make the space design more reasonable, the decoration more scientific, the use of colors more in place, the decorations more vivid, and comprehensively improve the quality and taste of the living environment




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