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The icon wardrobe released a number of new products at the 16th Guangzhou Construction Expo to show the charm of the icon wardrobe as the "smart space receiver" with the concept of "smart space, smart life"

the 16th Guangzhou Construction Expo 2014 ended smoothly today. At this Expo, Saint elephant group released the big home strategy. As a branch of Saint elephant's big home strategy, Saint elephant wardrobe showed a variety of new products this time, with the concept of "smart space, smart life", showing the style of Saint elephant wardrobe as the "smart space receiver"

Saint elephant exhibition hall predecessors are in full swing

Saint elephant big home strategy conference site

Saint elephant wardrobe new product introduction:

Wisdom Tree Series cloakroom

smart women are the most beautiful, just like the wisdom tree series cloakroom

simple white embellishment wood grain color and finish, fashionable and modern without losing its natural color. In the huge bedroom, the bookshelf is cleverly used to divide the sleeping area and the cloakroom, and the river crossing is naturally not abrupt. The cloakroom can not only store clothes, bags, hats, shoes, but also place quilts, pillows, quilt covers, etc. it is particularly convenient to add pillows and quilts to sleep. The elegant strip-shaped mirror reflects the most beautiful yourself from beginning to end

wisdom tree series - cloakroom

everyone has a wisdom tree in his heart. As long as you water it with your heart, it will flourish

1.8m big bed can be the sweetness of two people's world, or it can be a single comfort. It is extremely comfortable to lean against the soft bag cushion, and there is room for small items on both sides. The best place for personal items before going to bed is reached out after waking up. With two doors and four drawers, it has strong storage, and the middle is designed with empty glass, which can place decorations. As long as you decorate with your heart, the bedroom can also be dressed up as the world of Muses

wisdom tree series - wardrobe

wisdom coexists with nature, innovative experience improves the quality of residence

look at the city and then the country. The holy elephant wardrobe Wisdom Tree Series makes people fall in the room space where fashion and nature interweave. The simplicity and fashion of white and the native nature of wood color are creatively mixed together, which makes the walls glow immediately and illuminates the "smart" future of creative residence

jungle series - wardrobe

people are the children of nature, and they all look forward to a fresh tree house in the jungle

the sacred elephant wardrobe jungle series, from the wardrobe to the bed, adopts log color finish in a large area, and the original ecology is coming. The metal color vertical bar and handle of the wardrobe sliding door add a modern fashion to the natural color. The unique rattan basket allows us to touch the heat and vitality of tropical forests from zero distance

Wisdom Series - hall cabinet

breaking the space balance, the combination of high and low hall cabinets, this is the highlight of wisdom

two door single draw TV cabinet, virtual and real combination, open space for electronic products; The drawer holds small items. The German heitisch damping slide makes the switch easy and safe. The left and right drawers can hold sundries. The bookcase with two doors and two drawers combines emptiness with reality, and the open space can be used to place decorations, and the two drawers can be used to store small items by classification. The half height cabinet is designed with hollow glass in the middle, which can place works of art and red wine, and the drawer can store items by category

thinker series - wine cabinet

red wine is the best catalyst for great ideas

the wine cabinet is derived from the classic European Baroque design style. The beautiful white decorative pattern shows extraordinary charm. The European Roman capitals are carefully carved, inheriting the Classical Humanities and reflecting the noble taste and connotation. The simple and magnificent appearance reflects the beauty of majestic power, has a natural romantic complex, and composes classics and eternity

thinker series bookcase

accompanied by books, human beings gradually get rid of ignorance and become thoughtful

the whole bookcase integrates the virtual and real design ideas, and uses the symmetrical techniques commonly used in baroque style to create a strong sense of solemnity, making reading a baptism ceremony of the soul. Inheriting the classic and beautiful concave convex linear design concept of European style, it complements the stable capitals of European style

thinker series - hall cabinet

thinker has nothing to do and knows no boundaries

the TV cabinet design with the combination of emptiness and reality allows electronic products and books to be placed in the open space. Four drawers can accommodate small items and sundries. German heitisch damping slide rail makes it safer to open. The whole TV cabinet presents transparent and elegant white, which decorates the living room extraordinary

smart star series - hall cabinet

geometry is a mathematical branch that studies spatial regional relations and a shining star that embodies human wisdom

the geometric TV cabinets and lockers in the hall cabinets are intertwined, full of the beauty of geometric order; The combination of white and log color, the combination of virtual and real of open space and closed drawer, and the space is full of wisdom and philosophy

Wisdom Series - hall cabinet

Chinese traditional architecture pays attention to symmetrical beauty, which is applied to the decoration of hall cabinet

two high cabinets are on both sides, and a two door four drawer cabinet is placed in the middle, making the living room full of aesthetic expression tension. One of the high cabinets is designed with the concept of combining emptiness and reality, and the hollow glass design in the middle can be used to place decorations. There are 5 movable laminates inside the high cabinet, which can be adjusted according to the use demand. With two doors and four drawers, the drawers can store items by category, which has a powerful storage function

thinker series - hall cabinet

European classic design ideas, elegant interpretation in the living room

originated from the European classic design style, the favorite white of Rococo style meets the European classic patterns, and the simple appearance reflects the beauty of beauty and fashion temperament. The gorgeous concave convex linearity on the European door panel and the European handle form an interesting contrast, which is full of charm

wisdom tree series - hall cabinet

the combination of virtual and real makes the tree of wisdom green

the hall cabinet is the best occasion to show the master's taste, and the hall cabinet is the first carrier to show the master's cultivation. The hall cabinet adopts a virtual open space, which can display works of art of different sizes; At the same time, it adopts solid closed drawers, which can place all kinds of items. The color contrast design of white and log color is full of creativity and fashion

intelligence is the convenience of clothes to reach out, wisdom is a carefree life, and the holy elephant wardrobe makes the supreme physical and mental enjoyment of the wisdom space. Choosing once, wisdom enjoys a lifetime





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