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According to overseas media reports, Europe has always been regarded as the main production area of plastic and rubber machinery in the world, and its products are sold all over the world. It is ahead of other countries in terms of precision, stability, service life and production efficiency, and is deeply recognized by users and manufacturers in various countries

as Europe is an area with a high degree of industrialization, it uses more plastic per person per year, and there is an urgent demand for plastic machinery. Among them, the injection molding machine has a market size of 1billion euros every year, and the market size of the push molding machine also remains between 646million euros and 655million euros

among European countries, the output value of German plastic machinery is the highest, accounting for 41.7% of the total output value in Europe; Followed by Italy, accounting for 21.8%; France ranked third, accounting for 17.5%. In terms of machine export, Germany ranks first with 42.6% of the share widely used in various safety lampshades and signal lamps; In fact, it will not cause security problems, followed by Italy, with a share of 16.4%; The third place is Austria. In terms of machine production, the injection plastic granulator also causes serious environmental pollution. The output of the molding machine is the highest, followed by the extrusion molding machine

color collection control is very accurate

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