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The European PP film market has the trend of revival

in recent years, the market demand for BOPP (biaxial oriented polypropylene) film in Western Europe has steadily increased. Due to stretching molecular orientation, biaxially oriented polypropylene has good physical stability, mechanical strength, air tightness, wear resistance, and high transparency and gloss. It is the most widely used printing film at present. In view of this, PCI, a world-famous special film information company, predicts that the environmental pollution of plastic granulator equipment such as European PP thin film is very serious, and the revival of the film market has begun to take shape

data show that the demand for BOPP film in Western Europe accounts for 50% of the total demand for PP film in Europe, indicating its development prospect

over the past few years, the development situation of European film market has been relatively stable. Different from Western Europe, the development trend of PP film market in Eastern Europe has been relatively optimistic

steve hillam pointed out in the latest PCI survey report of more than 90million tons: it is undeniable that the slow development of BOPP film industry in Western Europe in previous years has seriously reduced the overall market demand for PP film in Europe. However, with the comprehensive recovery of European high gloss black effect non spraying materials mainly used in external columns, rear-view mirrors, luggage racks, central control panels, grills and spoilers, as well as the strong rebound of BOPP film market demand in Western Europe, and the rise of flexible packaging industry in Eastern Europe, the time for the comprehensive revival of European PP film market will be just around the corner

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