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The prospect of European plastic drug packaging market is attractive

the application of plastics in the European drug packaging market is gradually increasing, accounting for 28% of the sales of European drug packaging, among which the sales of blister eye packaging show the fastest growth

most bottle caps are made of plastic. However, the growth of plastic bottle caps depends on the growth of drug sales and prices, rather than expecting to replace some form of bottle caps. From a medium - and long-term point of view, it is possible to develop a bottle cap that is friendly to the elderly and can prevent children from misuse. Unity of purpose and cooperation is the last word! Tensile testing machine manufacturers must work hard to expand the market

blister eye packaging has good adaptability and appearance, and provides effective solutions for many small and difficult products. There is an increasing demand for heat sealing equipment with simple structure and rapid transformation, and a variety of options have emerged, including the robot based intelligent aluminum-plastic packaging system that can meet FDA requirements

it is a trend to change from glass to plastic in injections and ampoules. Plastic containers have existed for 10 years. They often have a wide bottleneck and are easier to fill. They are slowly replacing glass for packaging syrup. As the ingredients filtered from plastics may pollute modern medicine, it is generally believed that the dyeing products should be applied cautiously as they accelerate the development of automation, traditional Chinese medicine and miniaturization

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