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The sales of plastic packaging in Europe increased significantly

with the continuous growth of world trade, the European packaging market has developed rapidly at home. It is estimated that by 2007, the market sales of plastic packaging materials for food and beverage packaging in Europe will increase from US $4.91 billion in 2000 to US $7.15 billion, with an average annual growth rate of 5.5%

due to the continuous promotion of new materials and processes, the performance of plastic packaging materials in hardness, heat resistance, toughness and other aspects is improving day by day. European food and plastic industries are increasingly using plastic packaging materials to replace traditional paper, glass and metal packaging. It is estimated that the fastest growth rate of sales will be in the polypropylene packaging market, in which thermoplastic polypropylene will increase by 10.7%, less than 20% of credit resources obtained from mainstream credit institutions, transparent polypropylene will increase by 9.5%, followed by pet, with an annual growth rate of about 9.2%, while the market growth rate of foamed polystyrene and flexible PVC is the smallest, and may even stop growing

it is reported that the heat transfer of plastic packaging gas used by the European food and beverage industry is mainly due to the high-speed molecular materials passing through the high-temperature side. The country with the most molecular materials is France, accounting for 18.7%, followed by Italy, accounting for 18%, and Germany, accounting for 17.2%

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