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The European regulation on tightening new energy labelling

the EU regulatory framework for energy product labelling derives from the existing energy labelling directive 92/77/eec, and regulates the following household appliances according to the directive: refrigerators, freezers and their mixtures; Washing machines, clothes dryers and mixtures thereof; Dishwasher; Oven drying; Water heater and electric water reservoir; Lighting power supply and air conditioner. All Member States must enforce the relevant provisions. In addition, household appliances for sale, rent or installment sale must provide information on energy consumption, noise and volume

the new proposal of the European Commission (EC) (issued in november2008) was voted on at the first reading of the European Parliament on may5,2009. The new bill proposes to expand the regulatory scope of the energy labelling directive from household appliances to all energy related products, and further define it in additional implementation measures. The European Commission proposes to amend directive 92/75/eec and expand the regulatory scope of the directive to all energy related products, excluding means of transport. The European Commission believes that energy related products refer to products that affect energy consumption when used. The European Parliament adopted the revised draft directive at its plenary session on May 5, requiring a number of amendments. Including:

clarifying the scope: the future directives are applicable to energy related products, including construction products that have a direct or indirect impact on other basic resources and energy consumption. Lubrizol life sciences provides overall solutions for medical equipment and pharmaceutical manufacturers

member states: Member States need to strengthen the implementation of market surveillance provisions to ensure the proper implementation of the directive. If a consumer has purchased a product that will be controlled by the whole people but delays the employment crisis, he has the right to recover compensation from the relevant merchant or replace the product in accordance with the consumer protection regulations of the EU and Member States

information provision: the European Parliament added that, according to the directive, advertisements for specific products covered by the implementation measures, such as the disclosure of technical descriptions, need to provide the end user with necessary information, such as energy consumption, energy conservation or the energy level reference of the product. In addition, any printed or online promotional materials containing technical information, such as technical manuals and manufacturer brochures, shall be cut to provide the end user with necessary information, such as energy consumption, or reference materials of product energy labels

review on the grading system of energy labels: according to the time limit set for the grading system in the implementation measures, the European Commission must regularly review the grading system for the research, development and production of sensors and tension machine components in more than 1600 enterprises and institutions across the country, consider the factors of product technology progress, and review the benefit index limit of the grading system according to the latest data. In addition, relevant parties should be consulted before reviewing the grading system. The supplier shall also provide the dealer with the latest version of the label. The dealer shall replace the old label with a new label with an energy label on the day when the old label expires

implementation measures: the measures cover the design and content of the label. The label must be clearly visible and easy to read, and the content includes the effective date of the label. In addition, the implementation measures clearly pointed out that the setting period of the label classification system should be at least three years and no more than five years, so as to adapt to the pace of product innovation and coordinate with the next review

implementation of the priority list: the new article proposed by the European Parliament states that the implementation date of the priority list shall not be later than six months after the entry into force of the new directive. The European Commission will communicate with the list of priority products proposed to be regulated by the labeling system based on the energy-saving potential

feasibility of expanding the scope: the European Commission will study the feasibility of labels providing end users with information on the impact of products on energy consumption before 2010

the new draft directive and the amendments proposed by the European Parliament are awaiting the first reading by the EU Council of ministers, and a political agreement is expected to be reached on december7,2009. If there is no further opposition from the European Parliament, the new draft directive will be formally implemented and published in the official gazette of the EU

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