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As the earth warms, the temperature is rising, causing catastrophic consequences such as the melting of the poles, the disappearance of glaciers, the rise of the sea level, the death of corals, flooding, frequent droughts, land desertification, sandstorms, disease epidemics, species extinction and so on. In recent years, the global climate is abnormal, and the frequency of disasters is only seen for many years, which further confirms that the disaster of global warming can not be ignored. With the further increase of greenhouse gas concentration in the future, the consequences will be more unimaginable. That is to say, when the world is dreaming of a better world in the future, it suddenly looks back and finds that the world is on the brink of catastrophe, and mankind itself is the creator of this disaster. This is nature's merciless revenge on the human beings who destroyed it. For this reason, many people of insight have begun to reflect that the prosperity and comfort achieved at the expense of resources and environment can only be temporary and superficial; In the face of great danger, human beings must save this planet as soon as possible. This is a vibrant world that has evolved for billions of years. This is the only star in the universe that has human survival found so far

heating, air conditioning, lighting, household appliances and other facilities in residential and public buildings consume about 1/3 of the global energy, mainly fossil energy. These fossil fuels, which took the Earth billions of years to form, will be consumed by our generations. Energy conservation is actually around you, and energy conservation is imminent

the transformation of energy-saving hollow glass doors and windows for old doors and windows can make the original doors and windows more insulated in summer and more insulated in winter. If the hollow glass is pumped with air and filled with inert gas, it will be more soundproof. If it is Low-E, the energy-saving effect will be stronger. Although it will cost a lot of money, it is estimated to reduce the electricity consumption on the utilization rate of the cold load of the air conditioner, so that users can recover this investment in about three years. The power of a person is small. Please reserve a beautiful earth for our descendants so that they can survive





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