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Vanke Kunhe Yuquan phase II, using uiot super smart home whole house wireless smart home, adopts intelligent lighting, intelligent scene, IOT door lock, intelligent security and other systems to create 228 smart homes

project introduction:

Vanke Kunhe Yuquan phase II - camphor villa, with a construction area of about 115 ㎡ and 140 ㎡ in the West Lake District, is an improved smart Seiko villa. The project is located at the foot of the West Lake mountain and the West Wing of Huanglong CBD, and is seamlessly linked to the million square meters of land and homes

Yuquan phase II · camphor villa is composed of five 7-11 Storey Mountain View Villa. The main house type has a construction area of about 115 ㎡ comfortable big three room, 140 ㎡ four room "four leaf grass" god house type, and the plot ratio is 1.6 scarce in the main urban area. In the design of the project, in addition to improving the overall image of the building, it has also greatly improved the living comfort of the house. Uiot super smart home is used to build 228 smart homes with smart lighting, smart scenes, IOT door locks, smart security and other systems. Vanke refined decoration finished products are delivered to take care of the happy life of the owners and create a better quality life for customers

uiot super smart home, as the only smart home supplier of the project, strictly controlled the design of the project, and successfully delivered 219 full house intelligent Western-style houses, so that the project was sold out at the opening, and the owner felt the convenient and comfortable life under the power of science and technology! Let's take a look at the photos with Xiaoxing

the hardbound room is equipped with a security system composed of uiot super smart, infrared curtain, intelligent door and window magnetism, audible and visual alarm and camera, which is scattered in doors, windows and all corners to form a complete security monitoring subsystem, giving the owner the most reassuring protection 24 hours a day

scientific and reasonable functional zoning, original all bright house type

uiot super smart lighting and scene system, which can professionally customize the bedroom scene, living room scene and kitchen scene according to the space of different areas such as bedroom, living room and kitchen, operate the home space remotely or regularly with one key, and freely turn on the lights, TVs, curtains and everything at will in different areas

the environmental comfort system composed of fresh air, water floor heating, electric floor heating, central air conditioning, environmental box and other products can detect the temperature, humidity, PM2.5 and other environmental indicators, and link the air conditioning and fresh air to maintain the indoor temperature and air at a certain constant temperature, so that the owner can enjoy a comfortable living environment

in terms of kitchen safety, it is more considerate. Gas monitors and water leakage monitors are installed in the kitchen. When gas leakage or water leakage occurs at home, the system will immediately send an alarm signal, and at the same time, the water source will be closed by the electric control water valve and the gas manipulator will be closed by the gas manipulator to avoid danger and ensure the unnecessary losses of the owner

in the view of uiot super smart home, a good house is not only a delicate space to carry the home, but also a life carrier with humanized design and household habits. Starting from living habits, simplify, humanize, and scientific, create a relaxed and entertaining home life, so that you can enjoy a carefree life




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