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Taiwei pq300 comes to a perfect conclusion at China International Printing Exhibition

what can the 3rd hydraulic universal testing machine do? The 1st China International Printing Exhibition ended in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center on June 11. The exhibition focuses on the fields of touch screen printing, textile and garment printing, glass printing, flower paper printing, packaging printing, in film injection molding decoration and signs, and aims to build a comprehensive exhibition covering printing, digital printing, industrial imaging and other industries in 2014. During the exhibition, Shanghai Taiwei Technology Development Co., Ltd. took the self-developed high-tech product pq300 to the exhibition booth 4a, which was very popular. There were an endless stream of guests and gave them unanimous praise

at present, with the rapid development of science and technology, how to apply the digital printing technology to the industrial industry efficiently, safely and conveniently has become the eternal proposition of industrial transformation and upgrading for inkjet printer manufacturers. Pq300 is a new star in the application of wading silk printing, which is shining a light that can not be ignored

pq300 is equipped with high-end, advanced UV curing system controlled by electronic ballast, which can infinitely adjust curing power and prolong lamp service life; The independent pressure adjustment of the nozzle can balance the printing color; 4-8 colors can be combined at will, and white and varnish printing are perfectly controllable; A variety of positioning assistance functions, supporting plate thickness up to 10 cm to meet the needs of more industry applications. The price of such powerful and plump performance is not high, and it is very cost-effective

ensure the normal use of the experimental machine

the Taiwei team has been committed to the R & D and manufacturing of UV printers for many years. Mingrui has insight into the domestic and foreign market demand, continuously optimized and refined UV printing functions, created a number of advanced high-energy inkjet machines, created the world's leading printing and engraving integration technology, provided a systematic industrial printing solution for the society, and has been recognized and praised by the society. In the future, Taiwei will, as always, adhere to the brand development strategy, satisfy customers and serve the society with continuously improved products and high-quality after-sales service

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