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Taizhou Huali Plastic Co., Ltd. is a legendary enterprise of "Nike"

in the global flooring industry, not only because the head of the company used to pick up waste products, but more importantly, under the current severe export situation, the enterprise not only produced and sold well on December 4, 2015, but also recently received large annual purchase orders from two top flooring manufacturers in Europe and the United States

this enterprise is Taizhou Huali Plastic Co., Ltd. located in Zhangdian Town, Jiangyan City

in the year of its establishment in 2002, the output value of Huali plastic was only a few million yuan; In 2011, the taxable sales of enterprises reached 120million yuan; In the first 10 months of this year, the enterprise has completed 179million yuan of tax sales, an increase of 89.85% year-on-year. The annual output value is expected to double

"my experience is that the more crisis, the more we should dare to increase investment." When it comes to the secret of enterprise success, yuanhuashou, director general of Huali plastics, concluded, "when everyone is waiting to see, the probability of winning is high if the one who makes the first move."

identity transformation ragged Wang is a household name in Zhangdian town. Not only is it the largest taxpayer in Zhangdian Town, but also the company's boss yuanhuashou has a special identity - he used to be a "ragged king" with a shoulder pole and two baskets. Before the age of 30, yuanhuashou's "no bumping and impact instrument" had covered Jiangxi, Hubei and other places

1988, yuanhuashou became a small boss, specializing in waste purchase, which lasted for 11 years. Careful yuanhuashou likes to study the types of waste products. He found that there are about 103 kinds of plastic waste products in China, and one of them has a good market for recycling. It can be processed into plastic floors and floor tiles. This kind of plastic is PVC, also known as PVC plastic

"PVC products are very common, such as ponchos, soles, toys, wire skins, stationery, etc." Yuanhuashou introduced that most of the enterprises producing plastic flooring made money at that time because the cost was not high

the plastic floor is generally made of 4 to 5 layers of structure, from top to bottom are wear-resistant layer, printing film layer, glass fiber layer, elastic foaming layer and base layer respectively. In 1999, yuanhuashou signed a four-year contract with an enterprise in Zhangjiagang to supply grass-roots units to the other party

2002, yuanhuashou invested 10million yuan and returned to his hometown Zhangdian town to register and set up his own factory, specializing in the production of finished plastic flooring

Xuwei, deputy general manager in charge of production of Huali plastic, introduced that compared with wooden floor and reinforced composite board, plastic floor has many advantages. For example, environmental protection, moisture-proof, light weight, super wear-resistant, acid and alkali resistant, moth proof, etc., and the price is relatively lower. "Almost every few years, foreign families have to renovate their home decoration, especially the floor, so 98% of our products are exported to Europe, America and Southeast Asia."

product transformation in 2008, 40million yuan was invested in technological transformation

2008, the global financial crisis broke out, and gorgeous plastics also choked on this wave. At that time, the orders of enterprises decreased sharply, the monthly output was only more than 20 containers, the monthly sales was only more than 2million yuan, and the average monthly loss of enterprises was more than 300000 yuan. A person in charge of Zhangdian town government said, "at that time, President yuan was very thoughtful and lost a lot of weight. He led more than 300 employees of the company."

at that time, many peers were waiting for the crisis to pass, but yuanhuashou did an amazing thing - he took out more than 40million yuan of his family wealth, invested in the establishment of product testing centers and laboratories, and cooperated with some scientific research institutes to develop and research two kinds of high-grade floor tiles. Many people thought that yuanhuashou's action was too risky at that time, but he insisted: "just wait, there must be a dead end. While the foreign market is taking a rest, we will increase technological transformation and research and development of new products. Once the market has a turn for the better, our products can keep up, and the enterprise will have a chance to turn around."

the result proved that yuanhuashou's decision was correct. The new product not only has better performance in all aspects, but also its antique and solid wood patterns are more popular in the market. The profit margin of the product has been increased by more than three times. In the second year after the new product was launched, the enterprise realized tax sales of more than 80million yuan

in order to continuously upgrade new products, Huali has invested more than 80million yuan in recent years. It has not only established a close industry university research cooperation relationship with Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, but also successively developed more than 10 series and more than 100 varieties of floor tiles. Xu Wei said: "at present, our company has applied for more than 300 patents (mainly design patents), and the total amount is far ahead of the national counterparts."

since the second half of last year, in order to further improve the added value of products and enter the medium and high-end markets abroad, Huali has changed the raw materials for producing plastic flooring from the original PVC products to the current PVC powder. The new products have purer ingredients, stronger dirt resistance and folding resistance, and the price of floor and floor tiles will rise

it is reported that the company's monthly orders now exceed 20million yuan. "Our sales target this year is: keep a conservative 220million yuan and strive for 250million yuan."

market transformation ushers in two major European and American customers

in the gorgeous plastic product exhibition hall, there are imitation wood grain, imitation marble grain, and imitation carpet fabric grain, and the products almost confuse the fake with the real

according to yuanhuashou, 10 years ago, there were about 10 enterprises producing plastic flooring in China. Now, although more than 80 have poured out, only about 20 are really "alive". "In terms of annual output value, we used to rank fifth in the country. Now that there are more enterprises, we still remain in the original position. The reason why we have not been beaten to death by the waves on the beach is not only that we have excellent product quality, but also that we cannot do without a stable overseas sales market."

since the establishment of the company, the products exported by Huali plastic are mainly promoted by several small and medium-sized agents in Europe and America, and have entered more than 2000 supermarkets in Europe and America. In the past 10 years since the export of products, Huali has not experienced any overseas customer return or customer complaint

in order to find a larger development platform, Huali has taken the initiative to connect with some large foreign enterprises. In view of the public praise of Huali over the past 10 years, at the beginning of this year, two European and American oversized flooring manufacturers extended olive branches to Huali. One is the French Tarkett group, the world's largest flooring manufacturer; The other is Shaw contract group (Shaw), the largest carpet manufacturer in the world

these two large enterprises alone can absorb 90% of all Huali's export products. At present, the production orders of some products of Huali have been scheduled until next year

it is reported that at present, in the global floor decoration materials, the proportion of reinforced composite board, solid wood floor and plastic floor is 40%, 12% and 6% respectively

"with the reduction of non renewable resources such as wood and stone, and people's increasing attention to environmental protection, the market of laminate, solid wood flooring and marble flooring will shrink day by day, and plastic flooring will usher in major development opportunities. China is the largest plastic flooring market in the world in the future. Enterprises like us still have a long way to go." Yuanhuashou is confident in his judgment

he disclosed that he has been flying around at home and abroad recently, just to prepare for Huali to set up a branch in North America. At present, there is no problem with the above-mentioned electro-hydraulic servo control. In addition, it is almost certain to adopt the high-precision load sensor force measurement in 2013. "We want to make gorgeous into an internationally renowned brand of floor decoration materials, that is, we want to be like 'Nike' and 'adidas' in sports brands."

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