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Taiyuan Heavy Industry wheel "container train" to India

Taiyuan Heavy Industry wheel "container train" to India

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recently, 10000 pieces were produced by Taiyuan Heavy Industry Rail Transit Equipment Co., Ltd φ The 918mm passenger wheel took the special railway container train at Shanxi Zhongding logistics park and set off for India. This is also the first time that too heavy wheel products are exported in the form of "special container train"

at the beginning of this year, Taizhong signed an export order with the Indian Ministry of railways that could not be an accurate result, including more than 27000 pieces φ 918mm passenger car wheels and more than 4000 pieces φ 1098mm locomotive wheel. This shipment is the first 10000 wheels of this order

Taiyuan Heavy Industry rail transit company made bold innovations and cooperated with Zhongding logistics company, the largest specialized logistics service enterprise in the province. According to the characteristics of wheel transportation, it adopted the form of "multimodal transport" of cars, trains and ships, and made a breakthrough in railway transportation by allowing wheel products to take the "special train", It takes only hours for wheel products to be transported to Tianjin port where elastic buckling occurs (in the past, it took days for non special trains), which greatly reduces the cost, ensures the delivery time, and also opens up a new way for the export shipment of key products in the future and accumulates experience

the innovation of "special container train" is only a microcosm of the efficient implementation of the entire Indian project. In order to complete this order, the project manager responsibility system is implemented for the first time in the production process. The project manager is assumed by the factory director, and the difficult problems are eliminated one by one from the aspects of technology, process, quality control, inspection, etc., so as to ensure the product quality and time schedule

nowadays, the proportion of export output of heavy wheel axle products in the total output is gradually rising, and the pace of internationalization of enterprises is increasingly firm. Heavy wheel, the "star product" in the international wheel Market, has huge market potential

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