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A man in Taizhou swindled an infatuated girl of 70000 yuan to grab red envelopes in social networks

he is the "most infatuated man" in the world, and his ex girlfriend has a "terminal disease". He borrowed more than 70000 yuan from his current girlfriend Xiaoyan (a pseudonym), helped his ex girlfriend "treat" and accompanied her through the last journey of her life... To Xiaoyan's surprise, the infatuated boyfriend had a wife and children long ago, and most of the money he cheated Xiaoyan was used to grab red envelopes in social networks

yesterday, the "most infatuated man" was criminally detained by the police of the pharmaceutical high tech Zone for suspected fraud

In April, 2015, Xiaoyan, a girl from Jiangdu, applied to work in an enterprise in Taizhou pharmaceutical high tech Zone

a few days later, Xiaoyan met Zhang, a male worker, in the security inspection area when she was off work. Xiaoyan thinks Zhang Yangguang is handsome, warm and cheerful, and has a good impression on him

after four or five days of chatting on the social network, Zhang sent a message to Xiao Yan to show his love: "you are a kind and simple girl. At the first sight of you, I fell in love with you. You are the one I want to wait for in this life..."

Zhang introduced himself. He is a 28 year old Dai Yao from Xinghua, unmarried. His parents were engaged in decoration. Their family conditions were good. They also bought a house in Shenghe garden in the urban area to be his future wedding house

they quickly established a love relationship

lied that his ex girlfriend had terminal illness

on the evening of April 27 last year, Zhang dated Xiao Yan. Zhang told Xiaoyan that the master borrowed money from him. He left his bank card at home and borrowed 3000 yuan from Xiaoyan first. Xiaoyan immediately went to a bank ATM near the company to withdraw 3000 yuan and gave it to Zhang

three days later, the two were ready to go to the canteen after work. On the way, Zhang complained to Xiaoyan that the master borrowed 3000 yuan from him last time and didn't pay him back. Today, he asked him to borrow money. He didn't have any money with him, and he couldn't save face. He was worried

"don't offend the master, otherwise it will be difficult to work in the future." Xiaoyan felt that her boyfriend had such a master but had a strong and continuous fire source, which could still burn quickly and cause a fire. She swiped her card and withdrew 1000 yuan to Zhang

after that, Zhang didn't mention to pay back the money every time he met. He just praised Xiao Yan as a considerate and sensible girl. Xiaoyan was also embarrassed to urge her face to face

on May 12, Zhang burst into tears when he saw Xiao Yan. Zhang said that when he was working in Changzhou, he got to know yingzi because his family opposed breaking up. Now yingzi has leukemia and asks him for help. He remitted 50000 yuan, but it was just a drop in the bucket

"she is in danger now. Although we have no love, after all, we have been in love. I can't wait for my life." Zhang told Xiaoyan that his parents did not allow him to pay for yingzi's treatment and sealed up his deposit certificate of more than 200000 yuan

her boyfriend is so kind and affectionate. How can Xiaoyan not borrow money? This time, it's 16600 yuan

borrowing money again and again

however, the traditional wood substitute, new wood preservative, heavy bamboo wood and other materials have inherent disadvantages for a long time. Zhang said that yingzi was critically ill, and he would go to Changzhou to take care of her for a period of time, so that she would die without regret...

Zhang grabbed Xiaoyan's hand and cried bitterly, saying that Xiaoyan was the kindest girl he had ever met in his life. After taking care of yingzi's affairs, he immediately married Xiaoyan

Xiao Yan thinks that Zhang is an infatuated man. He can treat his ex girlfriend so well that he will certainly treat her well in the future

women in love are not alert at all. On July 1, Xiaoyan remitted 14000 yuan to Zhang's card. On July 8, she remitted 12000 yuan. On July 22, another 10000 yuan...

yingzi finally died. Zhang said that yingzi's parents were in debt and could not live. He couldn't bear it. He borrowed money from Xiaoyan again on the ground that he wanted to help yingzi's father open a shop to pay off his debts

all the remaining savings were given to Zhang, so Xiaoyan had to ask her parents for money

the fox's tail shows

Zhang's farce of lending money to his ex girlfriend to see a doctor has been going on. In fact, Zhang resigned from the factory last May. Since June, Zhang has rarely met Xiaoyan again, but only through social networking or contact

Xiaoyan wanted to see him. Zhang either said that he took care of his ex girlfriend in Changzhou or that he was studying outside. In fact, he has been wandering in Taizhou, gambling with red envelopes on social platforms

Xiao Yan is also 25 years old, and her parents have been urging her to get married. Xiaoyan wants to see Zhang. She takes her to meet her future parents in law and quickly settles the marriage

Zhang is afraid that Xiao Yan will pay him back. Every time I mentioned this, I said he fell out with his parents and asked Xiaoyan to wait. With more urging times, Zhang became very impatient, and Xiaoyan dared not ask the person in charge: since 2007

all the time, I have been giving. Xiaoyan felt that she was very tired and the relationship was dull. On October 21 last year, Xiaoyan asked Zhang to pay back the money

Zhang was impatient and said he would pay back the money immediately. However, he not only failed to pay back the money, but also dragged himself out of meeting. A week later, Zhang lost contact. In desperation, according to the information on Zhang's ID card, Xiao Yan rushed to Xinghua Daiyao on October 27 last year to look for Zhang for money

the most infatuated boyfriend is a liar

to Xiao Yan's surprise, Zhang's name is true, but others are false. Zhang had already married and had children. All the children were 8 years old. Zhang's family is in a poor economic situation. His father and wife are working outside, and his mother takes care of her grandchildren in his hometown

the local villagers said that Zhang had cheated since childhood. He owed a lot of money outside and never went home

Xiaoyan, who was ashamed and angry, came to Mingzhu police station of the high tech Zone of medicine to report the case for help. A few days ago, Zhang fell in Changshu

it turned out that during the Spring Festival in 2015, Zhang was dragged into a social group, in which people gave red envelopes every day. The people with the worst luck and the smallest red envelope would continue to give five red envelopes of 20 yuan, and so on. This red packet Solitaire group grabs and sends red packets every morning and late at night. The total amount of red packets sent by everyone at the end of the day is more than 10000 yuan

when he first joined the group, Zhang was very lucky. He seldom grabbed the smallest red envelope. As a result, he sometimes earns thousands of yuan a day. However, Zhang had bad luck and soon lost all his money

Zhang, who has lost a lot of money, is under pressure to win back the lost money. He bought several 4gs, applied for more than 10 numbers, registered different accounts, joined different groups, and was dedicated to robbing red envelopes

still lose. Zhang, who was helpless, found that Xiao Yan was simple and liked him, so he lied that he was unmarried and fell in love with Xiao Yan. If he lost, he asked Xiaoyan to borrow money

Zhang confessed that he cheated more than 70000 yuan from Xiao Yan, mostly for red envelope gambling in social networking

Cao Lu, a police officer handling the case at the Mingzhu police station of the high tech Zone, said that Zhang's red packet gambling records had been printed out for more than 300 pages

Caoxiang, leader of Taizhou security detachment, said that the scope of the crime of opening a casino is not limited to physical places, but also virtual space. In 2010, the interpretation of the Supreme People's court and the Supreme People's Procuratorate on Several Issues concerning the specific application of laws in handling gambling criminal cases was issued, which stipulates that gambling videos and data are transmitted through the Internet and mobile communication terminals, gambling activities are organized, gambling stations are established and accepted, gambling stations are established and provided to others to organize gambling, acting as agents for gambling stations and accepting bets, or participating in profit sharing at gambling stations, Having one of them is the act of "opening a casino"

Caoxiang said that the law stipulates that those who gather people to gamble or engage in gambling for the purpose of profit shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than three years, criminal detention or public surveillance and shall also be fined; Whoever opens a casino shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than three years, criminal detention or public surveillance and shall also be fined; If the circumstances are especially serious, he shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than three years but not more than 10 years and shall also be fined. "If the cumulative amount of fishing profits reached more than 30000 yuan, the cumulative amount of gambling money reached more than 300000 yuan, or the cumulative number of people participating in gambling reached more than 120, it shall be deemed as serious."

it is reported that social group leaders gather their members to gamble with red envelopes, and are suspected of gathering people to gamble and opening casinos. It is an accomplice for the contractors to make profits from them. The illegal acts of group members who rob red envelopes and engage in gambling are subject to public security punishment

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