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On March 23, gengyanbo, deputy secretary of Taiyuan municipal Party committee and mayor of Taiyuan, said at the press conference of the state information office that Taiyuan, as a resource-based city, focuses on rectifying the industrial structure, energy structure, transportation structure, land use structure and underground structure. 12. Data analysis: the experimental data on the curve can be randomly selected for analysis, The main bottleneck restricting the sustainable development of Taiyuan has been comprehensively solved, and five major measures have been taken

first, increase transformation and development, and focus on solving the problem of industrial structural pollution. We will vigorously develop information technology, equipment manufacturing and other strategic emerging industries of waste plastics even after cleaning and separation. For example, Foxconn manufacturing and global maintenance have become the industries with the highest output value in Taiyuan, exceeding 70billion yuan. At the same time, according to the driving forces of high energy consumption and strong emission of coal, coke, smelting electricity, etc., the hydraulic horizontal tensile testing machine and electronic horizontal tensile testing machine have been technically transformed, and more than 300 polluting enterprises such as Taiyuan Chemical and coal gasification have been shut down, 1966 Enterprises with scattered pollution have been banned and 244 have been renovated

the second is to increase clean substitution and focus on solving the problem of structural pollution of energy. Ultra low emission transformation was carried out for all power plants to promote the full coverage of central heating, strengthen the control of loose coal combustion, and complete 116000 households of "coal to electricity" and "coal to gas"

third, increase source control and focus on solving the structural pollution problem of transportation. Update all 8292 taxis in the city at one time; Smart make rdquo; The system is not only a pure electric vehicle, but also takes the lead in the country and even the world. Promote 400 pure electric buses. The compulsory elimination of 157000 yellow label cars and old cars

fourth, intensify the green revolution and focus on solving the structural pollution problem of land use. We will continue to promote the greening of the "three mountains" and afforest 300 square kilometers in the East and West North mountains. We will increase the greening of roads, construction sites and bare ground, and greatly improve the urban green space. The urban green coverage rate will reach 40.5%

fifthly, increase the river and lake restoration, and strive to solve the problem of underground structural pollution. The Fenhe River, Jinyang Lake and nine rivers in the urban area, including Nansha River, Beijian River and Beisha River, will be comprehensively renovated to achieve source control, water storage and flood regulation, diversion of rain and sewage, river cleaning, rapid transportation, green corridors, and urban transformation and overall upgrading

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