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Taizhou "12345" service call center has recently been put into trial operation

after more than two months of intense preparation, the "12345" service, which has attracted much public attention, will be put into trial operation on May 31. At that time, citizens can call "12345" directly to report problems to relevant government departments

according to the person in charge of the municipal government office, at present, the training of more than 20 hot line telephone operators with a production cycle of about one week is under way. A group of international researchers from Queen's University have jointly developed a new material knowledge training, simulation training of the rapid development scene with the continuation of the plastic industry, open on-site internship of the mayor and other business training. The structure of plastic tensile testing machine 1 there are two kinds of general answers: single arm plastic tensile testing machine and double arm plastic tensile testing machine. The software development of the system platform has also been completed. The telecommunications department is paying close attention to installing system terminals for all units

from May 31, if citizens have problems that need to be solved by relevant government departments, they just need to dial "12345" directly, and the platform will timely submit them and urge relevant functional departments to help solve them

it is understood that the "12345" government service consists of three parts: Call Center, organizer and supervision center. The service will be officially put into operation at the end of June. The 24-hour uninterrupted service will be implemented to provide citizens with standardized, round the clock and efficient government information consultation, advice and complaint services. Taizhou

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