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Taixin mechanical pile cutting machine opens up the British market

due to the particularity of the fixture structure, sometimes it is difficult for us to determine which kind of fixture is more suitable for the domestic first KP series pile cutting machine (also known as pile breaking machine), which has realized the low-cost, large-scale and high-efficiency removal of pile heads, and changed the domestic pile cutting field. This machine is suitable for quality supervision, teaching and scientific research, aerospace, iron and steel metallurgy, automobile History of manual work and no special equipment in various experimental fields such as rubber, plastic and woven materials. The products have been exported to more than 20 countries, such as the United States, Brazil, Australia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, etc

Taixin mechanical pile cutting machine opens the UK market

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recently, Taixin mechanical kp315 and kp400 series pile cutting machines are ready to be shipped to the UK, and will soon make a big show in the UK market. We look forward to its wonderful performance. (this article is from Taixin machinery)

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