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Taiyuan liquor market is over packed and exposed. The Spring Festival is approaching, and the liquor is in the hot selling period. However, after visiting the market today, it was found that the excessive packaging of commodities prohibited by the state is now making a comeback in the liquor market. Many wine gift boxes are exquisitely packed, and their value has also been raised

in several large supermarkets in the provincial capital, we can see that Luhao's introduction of wine products in gift boxes on the shelves accounts for the majority, including Baijiu, wine, red wine, etc. The packaging of these gift boxes is very exquisite. In addition to one or two bottles of wine, they are also equipped with various accessories, such as wine cups, wine pots, etc. These ornaments are very exquisite. Some wine cup bases are made of copper plating, some are made of glass, and some are made of stainless steel. The price of gift box wine also soared, and some prices even soared to more than 1000 yuan. Taking a certain brand of Baijiu as an example, it can be seen from the shelf that the ordinary two bottles are only 300 yuan, but they are packed into a gift box with stainless steel wine sets, and the price is more than 1 to 500 yuan

the staff of Taiyuan Bureau of Quality Supervision said that according to the requirements, any packaging volume significantly exceeding 10% of the commodity itself and the packaging cost significantly exceeding 30% of the commodity price can be regarded as excessive packaging, and it can be considered that there is a suspicion of commercial fraud. If consumers suspect that the commodities they buy are over packaged, they can complain to the quality supervision, industry and commerce, price and other departments. In case of excessive packaging, the seller will be punished

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