The most popular Taiyuan cable shredder can well b

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Taiyuan cable shredder can crush old wires and cables well

Taiyuan cable shredder can crush old wires and cables well

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the waste cable shredder uses a slow knife to pull, cut and tear, which can crush waste wires and cables well, with obvious effect, high efficiency, safety and reliability, The shredder equipment has the function of automatically stopping and reversing when it is overloaded. When the shredding card of the shredder exceeds the load, it will automatically stop. Then the motor will reverse, adjust the position of the material, and then turn forward to tear and cut again. Therefore, the shredder equipment is very safe and reliable. That is why the large-scale crushing equipment in foreign countries has a 43.71% year-on-year increase in the equipment of the shredder. The shredder equipment has strong applicability, It can be applied to the waste wire and cable recycling process, waste circuit board recycling process, waste tire recycling process, waste wood recycling process, waste rubber recycling process, waste PE thick wall plastic pipe recycling process, waste automobile home appliance recycling process. The materials that are difficult to be broken can be directly shredded and broken, the refrigerator can be directly shredded and broken, and the waste automobile can be the same

the failure of the plastic shredder during operation is the main factor affecting the reliability. The failure of the plastic shredder refers to the partial or complete failure of the designed plastic shredder to achieve the set work objectives under a certain or certain specific circumstances. Studying the failure mode of the plastic shredder can better avoid this situation, and pave the way for the implementation of the reliability design scheme of the plastic shredder. The failure of the plastic shredder is caused by the wear, deformation and fracture of the parts of the plastic shredder in the specific working process, or the corrosion of the component materials of the equipment in the external natural environment or working environment. The failure mode of the plastic shredder is the specific type of software failure or overall function of the testing machine in the loss part of the plastic shredder

according to the form that the plastic shredder loses the specified function, the failure modes of the plastic shredder can be roughly divided into two categories, namely, sudden failure and deterioration failure. Sudden failure refers to the sudden loss of specified functions such as material fracture of the designed plastic shredder under certain special conditions. Sudden failure has two states: normal and failure. Deterioration failure refers to the phenomenon that the parameters of the set function of the designed plastic shredder gradually decrease due to fatigue, aging, deformation and other factors within its design life

more and more Andy postlethwaite, senior vice president of BASF characteristic materials Asia Pacific, also said: "Innovative materials can inspire and realize various excellent designs and functions. People have realized that the traditional extensive growth mode of high input, high consumption, high emission and low efficiency has come to an end. If we do not accelerate the transformation of the economic growth mode and build an energy-saving society, it will be difficult for resources to sustain and the environment to bear. We should follow the principles of reduction, reuse and recycling determined by the circular economy promotion law to form a resource-based product recycling The "Xinda phase II 300000 ton biological composite material project" and the composite material project for additive manufacturing (3D printing) signed by the company and settled in Shunqing District, Nanchong City, Sichuan Province

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